Chevrolet Trax Owners & Service Manuals

Chevrolet Trax: Vehicle Care


 General Information

For service and parts needs, visit your dealer. You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and supported service people. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: California Proposition 65 Wa

 Vehicle Checks

 Doing Your Own Service Work

Warning It can be dangerous to work on your vehicle if you do not have the proper knowledge, service manual, tools, or parts. Always follow owner manual procedures and consult the service manual for y


 Service Vehicle Soon Light

For vehicles with this light, it comes on if a condition exists that may require the vehicle to be taken in for service. If the light comes on, take the vehicle to your dealer for service as soon as possible. Owner Manual Indicator This symbol is shown when you need to see the owner manual for add

 Transmission fluid auxiliary cooler replacement

Fig. 17: Transmission Fluid Auxiliary Cooler Transmission Fluid Auxiliary Cooler Replacement TRANSMISSION FLUID COOLER PIPE CONNECTOR REPLACEMENT - RADIATOR Removal Procedure Drain the cooling system. Refer to Cooling System Draining and Filling Remove the transmission oil cooler pipes from

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