Chevrolet Trax Owners & Service Manuals

Chevrolet Trax: Infotainment System




Read the following pages to become familiar with these features. Warning Taking your eyes off the road for too long or too often while using any infotainment feature can cause a crash. You or others c

 Overview (AM-FM Radio)

/VOL (Power/Volume) Press to turn the system on and off. Turn to adjust the volume. Preset Buttons 1−6 Press and hold to store a station. Press to go to a preset favorite station.


 CD Player

The vehicle may have a CD player. The CD player can play audio CDs and MP3 CDs. The CD player will not play 8 cm (3 in) CDs. Care of CDs Sound quality can be reduced due to disc quality, recording method, quality of the music recorded, and how the disc has been handled. Handle discs carefully and


Schematic wiring diagrams IMMOBILIZER WIRING SCHEMATICS (ENCORE) Immobilzer System Fig. 1: Immobilzer System IMMOBILIZER WIRING SCHEMATICS (TRAX) Immobilzer System Fig. 2: Immobilzer System

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