Chevrolet Trax Owners & Service Manuals

Chevrolet Trax: Lighting


 Exterior Lighting

 Exterior Lamp Controls

The exterior lamp control is to the left of the steering column on the instrument panel. There are four positions: (Off): Briefly turn to this position to turn the automatic lamp control off or o

 Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer

(Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer): Push the turn signal lever away from you and release, to turn the high beams on. To return to low beams, push the lever again or pull it toward you and release. Th


 DTC P0597-P0599 (2H0 OR LUJ): Engine coolant thermostat heater control Circuit

Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle prior to using this diagnostic procedure. Review Strategy Based Diagnosis for an overview of the diagnostic approach. Diagnostic Procedure Instructions provides an overview of each diagnostic category. DTC Descriptor DT

 Schematic wiring diagrams

SPECIFICATIONS AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR RESISTANCE Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Resistance SCHEMATIC WIRING DIAGRAMS INSTRUMENT CLUSTER WIRING SCHEMATICS (ENCORE) Power, Ground, Serial Data, and Gauges Fig. 1: Power, Ground, Serial Data, and Gauges Indicators Fig. 2: Indicators Air Tem

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