Chevrolet Trax Owners & Service Manuals

Chevrolet Trax: Storage Compartments


 Instrument Panel Storage

Warning Do not store heavy or sharp objects in storage compartments. In a crash, these objects may cause the cover to open and could result in injury. If equipped, pull the handle to open. Slide


If equipped, pull the rear seat armrest down to access. Sunglasses Storage There may be sunglasses storage over the driver door. Pull to open. Underseat Storage If equipped, there is storage under

 Additional Storage Features

Cargo Management System This vehicle has a cargo management system in the rear. Pull the strap to lift. Fold the load floor. Place the hook from the load floor inside the hook on the side trim. C


 Brake assist system description and operation

System Component Description The brake assist system consists of the following: Brake Pedal Receives, multiplies and transfers brake system input force from driver. Brake Pedal Pushrod Transfers multiplied input force received from the brake pedal to the vacuum brake booster. Vacuum Brake Booster U

 Brake rotor/drum balance inspection

Support the vehicle drive axle on a suitable hoist. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle . Remove the tire and wheel assemblies from the drive axle. Refer to Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation . Reinstall the wheel nuts in order to retain the brake rotors. Run the vehicle at the c

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