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Chevrolet Trax: Passenger Airbag Status Indicator (U.S. and Canada)

The vehicle has a passenger sensing system. See Passenger Sensing System (U.S. and Canada) for important safety information. The instrument panel has a passenger airbag status indicator.

United States
United States


When the vehicle is started, the passenger airbag status indicator will light ON and OFF, or the symbol for on and off, for several seconds as a system check. Then, after several seconds, the status indicator will light either ON or OFF, or the on or off symbol to let you know the status of the front outboard passenger frontal airbag and knee airbag.

If the word ON or the on symbol is lit on the passenger airbag status indicator, it means that the front outboard passenger frontal airbag and knee airbag are allowed to inflate.

If the word OFF or the off symbol is lit on the passenger airbag status indicator, it means that the passenger sensing system has turned off the front outboard passenger frontal airbag and passenger knee airbag.

If, after several seconds, both status indicator lights remain on, or if there are no lights at all, there may be a problem with the lights or the passenger sensing system. See your dealer for service.


If the airbag readiness light ever comes on and stays on, it means that something may be wrong with the airbag system. To help avoid injury to yourself or others, have the vehicle serviced right away. See Airbag Readiness Light  for more information, including important safety information.

Charging System Light

This light will come on briefly when the ignition is turned on, and the engine is not running, as a check to show it is working.

It should go out when the engine is started. If it stays on, or comes on while driving, there may be a problem with the electrical charging system. Have it checked by your dealer. Driving while this light is on could drain the battery. If a short distance must be driven with the light on, turn off all accessories, such as the radio and air conditioner, to help reduce the drain on the battery.


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